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Staff Toy Picks

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Our top sex toy pick is the gigi, Women who are looking for a quality toy that does more than vibrate prefer this item. This toy also pulses. And it's rechargeable. You can use it on a clitoris or internally to massage the vagina and G-spot. It's packaged really well. It's small but powerful and it doesn't take batteries.

Next on our list of sex toys is the pure wand. Men and women who want to have either great prostate or G-spot stimulation buy this sextoy - the kind that makes you gush! It's great to use this adult toy inside of the vagina, rock it back and forth or up and down, or in the bum to hit either the G-spot or prostate. It's hard, cold and heavy stainless steel with just the right curve for great stimulation. And it comes in a beautiful box with pink satin lining. There are no other products like it. That's what makes it awesome.

Last but not least on our top list is the aneros. This is a top selection for men and the women who love to massage their man's prostate. The Aneros is a cross between a dildo and a butt plug, but it's designed specifically for him. It stimulates the prostate from inside while massaging the perineum from the outside. The results can range from holy orgasm to multiple ones. The handle, the texture and shape are great to stimulate nerve endings. It's different from other butt toys because it was medically researched and designed.

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